Fair Food

Our annual day at the San Diego Fair! This year, maybe because of the economy, the vendors offered smaller menu “tastes” for only $2.00. We didn’t taste any of the bizarre offerings like chocolate-covered bacon, but we got just the right amount of a vanilla creme puff and some wonderful real potato, potato chips.

Our choice for the “main food event” was the polish sausage with onions and peppers. It was a wonderful greasy, salty treat that made the over-priced beer we had with it taste even better. And what a thrill to have this really good Navy band playing Salsa music while we ate.

The fair’s theme was Taste the Fun. You’d think these chefs at the entrance would be an indication of the high-quality food awaiting you inside.

Just in case anyone was fooled into thinking California would offer healthy food at a Fair, here’s proof that we’re as bad as anywhere else in the country. These things make our choice of a sausage with onions and peppers almost seem like health food!

This one is honest at least — Heart Attack Cafe!

Here’s a food-related exhibit from the fair – a butter sculpture. They were in a refrigerated glass box so we could watch the sculptor. It looks like the first one is a fair-goer stuffing french fries in his mouth. Pretty gross – a butter child stuffing buttery fries in his mouth!

And in case you’re wondering, there was no dinner at home after this day at the fair.

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