Ellen’s Chocolate Pudding with Cream Pie or Li’l Piggies’ Dinner

My wonderful neighbor Ellen supplies us with the best baked goods. She’ll call up after dinner and say, “Hey, would you like some pie? I baked a pie today and there’s too much for us.” I’ve tried to say no a couple of times because of the calories, but Louis always vetoes me and gets the pie, or cake, or whatever she has baked. And it’s always delicious.

Tonight she called and I hadn’t had dinner yet. So, I said yes and decided to have the pie for my dinner. How can that be? Well, it was a L’il Piggies day and we had been eating all day so this was a proper ending to that kind of a day.

We went to Coronado for lunch and tried a new place for us called Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q. The pulled pork sandwiches were the best, piled high with pork and coleslaw on top. (I know it looks like cheese in the photo, but it’s coleslaw.) Plus we had a side of “piggy tails” (curled french fries) and a side of onion rings. Note to self: Don’t order the rings next time; too greasy for me. Anyway, no wonder it’s called Lil Piggy’s. You feel like a big piggy after eating all that.

We spent all afternoon in Coronado, walking, listening to a band, watching the senior dancers, and just sitting and reading. Around 4:30 we decided to have an ice cream as we knew it would still be too hot at home. So we each had 2 scoops of very rich “Moo Time” ice cream and again walked and even chatted with a local who told us Li’l Piggies and Moo Time are owned by the same person.

I was not at all hungry when we got home at 6:30 and had no plans of eating anything else. However, when Ellen called offering pie, how could I refuse? As she said, chocolate pie is only good on the day it’s made. And that’s the story of why we had chocolate pudding with bananas and cream pie for dinner. OINK! OINK!

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