Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce and Zucchini Medley

I had some crimini mushrooms again and thought I’d make a creamy sauce for Gnocchi. Problem is I didn’t have any cream. Well, that was the serendipitous part!

Though one appealing recipe I saw called for bacon, I decided to put the bacon in my vegetable dish to make that more substantial. So, this gnocchi sauce “recipe” could also be tried with bacon or prosciutto.

• Saute 1/4 cup minced onion and minced garlic clove in olive oil and a little bacon fat.
• Throw in sliced crimini mushrooms (about 4-5 ounces, but Louis thought there could have been more.)
• Add about 2 TBS fresh red pepper, sliced in small pieces for color and a little crunch.
• Sprinkle in about 1 tsp. tarragon, 1T flour, a good-sized splash of dry marsala and about 1/3 cup chicken broth.

Stir and let it thicken a bit. The “serendipitous cream” was a little whole milk and the white part of some blue cheese, letting it melt into the sauce. I did this carefully and kept tasting because I was worried a strong blue cheese taste would ruin what I was trying for. At the very end I threw in a couple of tablespoons of chopped flat-leafed parsley. We liked it a lot except Louis wanted more mushrooms.

The vegetable medley was my standard minced garlic, sliced onion and zucchini, but sauteed in the bacon fat I had fried 4 rather small pieces of bacon in. When the zucchini was nearly done, I added a splash of dry sherry and a half of tomato, chopped. I threw the bacon pieces in and a handful of basil leaf bits. It was a nice complement to the gnocchi dish.

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Gnocchi with Portobello Mushrooms

I had the Gnocchi and a portobello mushroom so I googled it and found a video with recipe on the Internet. It was soooo yummy.

Update 5 years later: Sadly that was a time that I thought everything on the Internet was forever and I simply put a link to the site here.  The video and recipe have both disappeared so I no longer know what I did exactly for this dish that impressed us so much.

Here’s what I know:

  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 2 large portobello mushrooms (chopped)
  • 1/4 cup prosciutto, thinly sliced/strips
  • 1/4 stick butter
  • scallions (maybe 5 or 6 of the small green onions)
  • garlic (of course
  • dill
  • oregano

I used bacon instead of prosciutto. (yep, because I had it) I also happened to have onion and chive cream cheese schmear for bagels so that was what I used for the cream cheese. Also happened to have fresh basil so I tore many leaves of that in, and used the dill (but no oregano.) I think the bacon, mushroom, garlic and cream cheese make it. All else are extras and you can’t go wrong with mixing them up a bit.

I think I probably cooked the gnocchi according to directions and then dumped them into this sauce to cover them completely and warm them through.  Will just have to try again. 😦



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