How’s this for a switch – Evelyn was the one who was craving pizza! I remember back in the day when she said once a month was way too much and I could eat it every week. Well she wanted to go out & Mt. Mike’s is good. But we found out – don’t go there prime time 6 PM – it was family hour – packed with kids!

But after the pitcher of Karl Strauss Red Trolley arrived, Luigi’s attitude adjusted quickly!

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Ok here is my sad confession. I honestly think that self-rising frozen pizza is just as good – or better – than what you get from Dominos or Papa John’s. Maybe because you get it right out of the oven – with no cardboard intermediary.

And pizza should be cheap – going out and paying $20 for a pizza, not to mention the beer – kinda deflates the fun of a cheap and convenient guilty pleasure. So pizza has become a fall-back position when there is no time or interest in cooking, and we still want to feel that warm belly satisfaction.  Pizza & Beer, hooray!

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