Nico’s Mexican Drive-thru in Tucson

Late arrival in Tucson and a burrito and taco pastor hit the spot! Must admit to a photo cheat, but my taco pastor tasted as good as this one looks. Just the right amount of spice.

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Enhanced Chinese Take-Out

I’m working at a school every day so we need to resort to fast meals, but I can’t stop myself from improving things. I picked up a take-out order at a Chinese restaurant near my school and when I opened the box, I was a little disappointed. It was a beef dish, but it just had beef, shredded carrots and onions in an ample, tasty sauce. So, I opened my vegetable drawer and started adding. It looked and (I think) tasted much better than what we got in the box.

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World Curry

Ev was out shopping and I was supposed to cook. Well I checked the freezer and found we had a nice curry from our last double coupon take-out from World Curry in Pacific Beach! Goes great with the Karl Strauss seasonal Oktoberfest from Costco!  Ev wasn’t too happy though, as my ‘cooking’ didn’t show any “effort.”  Plus we are supposed to ‘save’ ready meals from the freezer for “emergencies.”

Of course, my needing to cook is an emergency, but I didn’t get far with that line. I was also told I should have ‘enhanced’ the curry with some veggies or something, but I didn’t think of that.  To top it all off, I didn’t even take a picture, which Ev says I should have done to document the lack of eye appeal of the dinners I serve.

So is the blog to be “Ev’s Serendipitous Kitchen” or is 364 nights of dinner? We’ll see….

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